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We didn't hit rock bottom. No bill collectors called. We had money left over at the end of the month.


I'm glad my wife, Eboni, and I found the keys to financial freedom before any of these things happened in our lives. We thought we were doing okay. We were doing better than most people we knew. However, if we would have continued on the path we were on, there is no way we would be enjoying the peace we now have because of what God has taught us.


Sure, we gave a tithe to our local church. We kept a pretty decent budget of what was coming in and going out. We even spent less than what we made (monthly). We were not "over leveraged" at all. But the one thing we were not doing, was honoring God with our substance. We treated God's money as if it was our money. The Bible says "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof." That means everything belongs to God. I believed because I gave my church a tenth of my income plus a decent offering, I had fulfilled my financial obligation to the Creator of the universe. The devourer would be rebuked for my name sake and God would pour so many blessings out of the windows of heaven I would not have room to receive them. Then I could spend the other 90% of my income on whatever I pleased because "He gives us all things richly to enjoy."


We were close, but not right. We only lacked a few key components of understanding that, once gained, would prove to change our financial family tree forever. Now that we have applied the wisdom of God to our finances, this is the last generation of our bloodline that will have ever experienced poverty, lack, greed, or anything else short of total financial freedom. Salvation has come to our bank account!


We paid off over $200,000.00 in debt! We can show you how we did it and teach you how to fix your own financial mess.


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Peace & Thanks,

Jamel Black

Personal Finance Coach

Foresight Christian Financial Coaching